TGIF Kitties











…Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Something weird is going on with my blogger and all my top fav links have vanished, I guess it’s a good excuse to update them but it’s still pretty annoying, so if you’re wondering why you are not appearing in my top favs, that is why.  A little project for the weekend.

Brrr…doesn’t that bare naked sphynxy look so chilly. 

Adios Ameegs and again have a great one!!! :D


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

OH my!! The PM almost spat out her coffee with pic #3!!

Have a great weekend!

the spectator said...

I know a lot of people are repulsed by the sphynxy but that photo of him all curled up - those big ears - to me still a sweety in his own unique way.

Aren't they unusual in the way they have those markings on their body?

Anyway, off to watch some Friday night English who dunnit. Have a lovely weekend.

Asylum Dolly said...

Aww, fuzzy kitties gave me a smile that i dearly needed :)
Yes, that last one does look cold! I find hairless cats so strange looking! His markings remind me of a little piggy :)

Hanako66 said...

as just put a giant smile on my face.

have a great one!!

Sleepy Darlings said...

yesss!! i love TGIF kitties. such a great way to, well, remind me its friday. especialy the secret ninja kitty attack. hey big grey guy, pick on someone your own size!

drollgirl said...

wah! i want to hug and love on all of these kitties! the last little kitty needs my attention to keep him warm. please send him over!

and i hate blogger problems! bleh!

hope you have a fab weekend!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I want to adopt the first cat. He is so adorable. But so are all the kitties!

I love starting off my weekends with your fun cat posts. Wishing you a good one!

me melodia said...

Maybe it's a blessing. i have been meaning to clean house on my linx for a while.

Now that sphinx, I want to lick him clean. He looks so smooth and cuddly.

ps: i miss you.
I've been so distant from the internets and you.

I moved,, and boxed up your long over due care package... It needs to be with you finally.
Email me your home addy please. :)

Sam said...

Love those photos of bust ups! Cats get mad, dont they? Poor old Spynxy - he'd need a suit if he were here in Sydney at the moment - it's soo chilly! Hope you have a super weekend - love to you and your furry peeps! xo


lol the one of the kitty with its little mouth open and paw up is so funny. Gawd how many times have I felt like that :D

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I thought the last pic was a pig!